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English Section

I will provide every detail and contact information about the tours such as hostels, tour guides, where to go, food, etc. Of course, it will be my opinion and recommendations only!

It would be a pleasure to share with you guys all those stories I collect during my trips, most of them very funny

True Histories

Each trip by itself is already an adventure, although for some of us I can’t tell if it is karma, a plot of the universe or what … there is always some funny anecdote to spice up the stories! Please read mine with confidence and if you have any of your own that you would like to share, write to me!

My Life in Poland

Many people don’t like Coelho; however, they have read and repeated his famous phrase «When you want something with great force, the Universe conspires to make you wish.» Today I can attest that he was made a prophet and not liar.

I got here in December 2019 with a job offer and a million of illusions that did not fit in my suitcases. Also fears, yes, many fears. Well! After all it’s not the same to be away from home for 2 weeks than for 2 years.
There is much to tell about this beautiful country: places, history, food, people and (gosh!) the language …


Find here the details such as rates, budgets, routes, recommendations, etc. of tourist places inside and outside Costa Rica. Even information of those companies that I have used myself. The good information is worth recommending!